Sustainable wood for
musical instruments.

Sonowood Kanthölzer für Musikinstrumente - z.B. Streichinstrumente und Zupfinstrumente (Gitarren)

Sonowood makes your instrument sound better.

Traditionally, tropical woods are used for the construction of musical instruments. The problem with this is that, due to worldwide overexploitation, the stocks of most tropical wood species are now in sharp decline, with the threat of their complete disappearance. As a result, less and less satisfactory qualities and quantities are available, and ever stricter import and trade regulations such as CITES are being enacted.

For this reason, we have developed Sonowood. For this purpose, domestic woods from sustainable forestry are modified in such a way that they maintain or even exceed the highly valued physical-mechanical properties of tropical wood.

Sonowood is the best alternative wood for your musical instrument, made from 100% sustainable material free of ethical and moral concerns. 

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Certified by Swiss Wood

Sonowood bears a range of advantages

The real thing

Sonowood is NOT a composite material, it is fully authentic wood, with straightforward workability.

Superior acoustics

High sound velocity, low damping. Fully approved by musicians and instrument makers.

Continuous availability

Despite being a natural material, Sonowood is available continuously in constant quality.

Preserving biodiversity

Sonowood is manufactured from sustainable European wood species.

No legal restrictions

Sonowood does not contain wood species listed on CITES, therefore no trade and import restrictions occur.

Sonowood for plucked instruments

sonowood for guitars and plucked instruments

Sonowood for plucked instruments

The outstanding hardness and density of Sonowood help ensure that your acoustic and electric guitars meet the highest acoustic standards.

Sonowood for bowed instruments

Sonowood for bowed instruments

Sonowood's unique material properties help instrument makers give their stringed instruments the best sound characteristics.

sonowood: local wood for string instruments


Sonoplec Picks for guitars


Customizable picks with an excellent density, pleasant feel, distinctive look and from sustainable forestry. So, every pick is unique.