Maximum Playing Pleasure. 
Zero Tropical Wood.

Maximum Playing Pleasure. 
Zero Tropical Wood.

Domestic Wood for Guitar Making – with Top-Class Acoustic Properties

The unique and innovative densification process is the key ingredient of Sonowood. This gives domestic wood characteristics that are measurably equivalent to those of tropical timber. The result? Sustainable square timber with outstanding hardness and density – the perfect materials for making high-quality guitars. Sonowood products enable luthiers to build guitars that raise the bar in terms of sustainability and provide top-class tonal characteristics.

olz für den Gitarrenbau - Best Wood for Guitar Making
Griffbretter aus Holz für Gitarren - Fretboards with best wood for Guitars

Wood for Guitar Making with All the Characteristics of Tropical Timber – without Actually Containing Any.

We obtain woods like maple or beech from sustainably managed local forests and modify them to create sustainable wood for guitar making. The result is a groundbreaking innovation for luthiers: Sonowood. Thanks to its unique densification process, Sonowood measurably meets or exceeds the physical, mechanical and tonal properties of the tropical timber required for guitars. The extreme hardness and density of Sonowood help create guitars and electric guitars with outstanding acoustic characteristics when used as fretboards, bridges and head stocks.

Sonowood Black Edition.

Sonowood Black Edition is available in shades ranging from dark brown to deep black. It functions as a genuine alternative to ebony – in terms of both its physical characteristics and appearance.

Sonowood Black Edition - Kantholz für den Geigenbau - Black Wood for Violin Makers

Sonowood Maple.

Holz für den Gitarrenbau: Griffbrett aus Ahorn - Best Wood for Guitar Making - Fretboard made of Maple
Ahorn Holz für Gitarren - Maple Best Wood for Guitars
Nachhaltiges Holz für Gitarren - Guitars made of sustainable Wood - Swiss Wood Solutions-1

Sonowood Beech.

Kantholz für Geigenbau - Wood for Violin Making - Sonowood

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If You Are a Musician:

Contact one of our partners. Or ask your preferred luthier about Sonowood.

We have carefully selected our partners: these respected experts have extensive experience in crafting high-quality musical instruments – and they rely on Sonowood. They will be more than happy to help you with making or modifying your instrument.

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Sonowood Partners for Guitar Making.

We have established strong partnerships with recognized experts in instrument making, who use Sonowood square timbers to craft the parts of the instrument in close consultation with the artist, taking their requirements into account. 

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Sustainable Wood for Violin Making.

Sonowood is synonymous with exceptional hardness and density – the perfect prerequisites not only for guitars, but also for stringed instruments that meet the highest tonal requirements.

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Nachhaltige Musikinstrumente - Sustainable Musical Instruments - Swiss Wood Solutions